Services We Offer

          At AR BIZ VENTURES , we specialize in the export of medical devices, pharmaceutical products, and frozen foods from India to the African continent. With extensive experience and a deep understanding of the unique requirements of these industries, we provide comprehensive export services to ensure smooth and efficient trade between India and Africa.

Medical Device Exports

We have immense expertise in exporting a wide range of medical devices, including diagnostic equipment . Our team ensures compliance with all relevant international standards and regulations, facilitating seamless export processes. From sourcing quality products to handling the logistics and documentation, we handle every aspect to ensure the safe and timely delivery of medical devices to our African clients.

We recognize the importance of pharmaceutical products in improving healthcare systems across the African continent. Our export services cover a vast range of pharmaceutical products. Through our network of trusted manufacturers, we source high-quality products that meet international quality standards. Our team manages the regulatory requirements, inspections, and necessary certifications for exporting pharmaceutical products, ensuring their safe transit and delivery.

Pharmaceutical Product Export

Frozen Food Export

          India is known for its diverse and delicious frozen food products. We export a wide range of frozen foods and ready-to-eat meals, to cater to the demand in the African market. Our stringent quality control processes ensure that the frozen foods we export are of top quality, maintaining their freshness and taste throughout the transit.

          Understanding the diverse requirements and complexities of the African market, we have tailored our export services to cater specifically to this region. Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of the regulatory frameworks and cultural nuances of different African countries, ensuring smooth trade between India and Africa. We have established strong networks with local partners, enabling us to navigate through the complexities of import requirements and customs procedures in South Africa and sub Saharan Africa.

Export to the African Continent